The Elephant In The Room

Did you know using elephants in your home decor can symbolize good fortune? I’ve always adored these amazing creatures and after looking further into their history and symbolism within feng shui applications, I’m even more fascinated!

Elephants are the largest and strongest land animal living today, admired for their wisdom and kindness. In the application of feng shui, displaying elephants is said to promote positive energy when used in particular ways in certain rooms of the home. Not only is the placement important, but the orientation of the trunk has a strong significance as well. Want to know more?

Let’s take a quick look at four popular feng shui energies the elephant symbol can provide:

1. Good Luck ~ Elephants are considered a symbol of good luck and fortune. I like to put them in the main living area or a home office, but are great anywhere! It’s important to have the trunk facing upward for this specific feng shui application, as it allows the positive energy to easily spread throughout your home.

Photo Credit: Full Bloom Home Staging

Photo Credit: Full Bloom Home Staging

2. Protection ~ The elephant represents protection and stability due to its physical power and strength. Placing one or two in the entryway of your home, whether they be on a console table or a print on the wall, is a common way to utilize these attributes. They’ll bring protection and strength, especially when the trunks are facing up.

3. Wisdom ~ To promote the energy of curiosity and knowledge, place an elephant in a home office or workspace. When it comes to academic success for young students, place a statue in their bedroom or wherever they do their homework.

4. Fertility ~ This is actually one of the most popular uses of the elephant as a feng shui cure. Couples looking to promote fertility should place an elephant with a downward facing trunk in the bedroom. (An elephant with the trunk down is storing and gaining energy in order to push through various obstacles). A mother and baby elephant together can also be used to symbolize fertility.

Whether you’re into practicing feng shui applications to positively impact your interior space or not, it’s pretty interesting stuff! I like to remember that most of all, elephants are known to give off positive energy of kindness and strength, and there can never be too much of that in a home!

Written by Amanda Elmgren, Lead Designer of Full Bloom Home Staging