Pillow Talk

When it comes to decor, I love to mix it up! Keeping larger furniture as my ongoing base, I’m constantly rearranging existing accents, as well brainstorming new items to refresh and update the look in an affordable way. Whether you’re restyling your existing space, or staging a home to sell, what’s one the easiest and most cost-friendly ways to update the look of a room? Throw pillows!

With endless options, they’re great for bringing in more personality and adding another level of coziness to any space. They can be a bright pop of color, breathing life into to a neutral room. Or neutral toned pillows can provide balance when paired with a bold sofa or bedding. It’s good to know there’s no right or wrong, just a lot of great ideas!

1. Mix & Match: Don’t be afraid to mix colors, patterns, textures and sizes! Pair solids and patterns. Use small and large scale prints. Mix different shades or patterns of one color. Pair different textures together. The options are endless!

2. Tie it Together: The pillows on the couch don't have to match the chair pillow exactly, but they should tie together somehow, whether it be with color or style. This will give the room a more cohesive feel.

3. Less is More: Don't overdo it! Create an inviting and livable look, and not feel like a chore to move pillows out of the way to relax! I never like to cover an entire couch with pillows. If you just can't help but do that (you know who you are :) it's nice to have a basket nearby where you can easily toss those extra pillows while relaxing or entertaining. As for beds. I think two pillows, two sham pillows and one or two accent pillows is great!

4. Odd is Good: With decor, grouping items in odd numbers can be visually appealing (you’ve probably heard of the rule of three?) For throw pillows I often like to use either one, three or five. For example, you can use one on a chair and either three or five on a sofa, depending on it’s size.

5. Pillows With Personality: Should you keep the stock pillows that come with a new couch? If the pillows are the same color as the couch, I’d recommend ditching them (or maybe they could work in a different room). If it came with patterned pillows you really like, you could add in a few more in the same color family, or pair them with some solid colors to add a little more interest and variety. I personally prefer not using the stock throw pillows and bringing in new ones that are more my style to help make it my own!


Couches, chairs and beds are popular spots for throw pillows, but what are some other areas that could benefit from a little more color and coziness?

1. Patio furniture: Mixing in some fun outdoor throw pillows with your patio furniture creates a more colorful and inviting space to relax or entertain. We have a rod iron bench that I love to dress up with a few floral pillows.

2. Built-in benches: Adding a few pillows to built-in benches will make people more likely to want to sit there, but careful not to overdo it! You want to leave room for them to actually sit :) Two-three usually does the trick.

3. Playroom: For those lucky enough to have a designated space to keep all the toys and games, why not incorporate a reading corner? Lay some blankets or mats in a corner and surround it with oversized, colorful and cozy pillows. This will be a space kids will love!

4. Office chair: Want to help make an office space more cozy and comfortable? Throw a small decorative pillow on an office chair to provide a nice pop of color or pattern to the room. Bonus: it may give your lower back more support if your chair isn’t the most comfortable!


Whether you’re shopping for throw pillows online or in stores, there are tons of options! I love to start my search online, as I can quickly cover more ground. Once I’ve narrowed it down, sometimes I’ll check them out in store if it’s convenient. Here are a few of my favorite places with stylish finds at great prices!



Happy Styling!

Written by Amanda Elmgren, Lead Designer of Full Bloom Home Staging